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Suluada Tour

We are setting sails to discover the secrets of Antalya with its unique beauty. Antalya Kemer Departing from the marina, we would like to invite you on an unforgettable journey. Ceneviz Bay, Sazak You will experience the most special moments of your life with the unique route of Cleopatra Bay, Cleopatra Bay and Cennet Bay.

Suluada A Corner of Paradise

We start our trip with Suluada. This paradise islet carefully created by nature, with its clear waters and welcomes you with white sandy beaches. The dance of the sun, the embracing coolness of the sea and the you will lose yourself in its soft winds. Swim in the deep blue waters of Suluada or you can relax by sunbathing on the beach. This unique corner where you will catch peace in the lap of nature, vacation will add an unforgettable page to your memories.

Sazak Bay Silence and Beauty of Nature

We leave the magic of Suluada and turn our route to Sazak Bay. Here, the magic of peace and nature and the silence of the beach. As you walk along the calm sandy beach, you can enjoy the silence accompanied by birdsong. you will experience. The view of Sazak Bay is perfect for those who want to relax and find inner serenity.

photo Sazak Bay
photo Ceneviz Bay

Ceneviz Bay Full of Traces of History

We leave the tranquility of Sazak Bay behind and head towards Ceneviz Bay. This place dates back will fascinate you with its traces of history. As you wander among the ruins from ancient times to the present day, you will be amazed by the traces of history. you will feel his breath. Sitting on the deck of the yacht on the shore of Ceneviz Bay and taking in the view, you can enjoy time travel.

Cleopatra Bay Myth and Beauty

After the magic of Genoese Bay, we turn our route to Cleopatra Bay. This bay is named after the legendary It is named after the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. It attracts you with its golden sand and turquoise waters. You can relax while sunbathing or swimming in the cool waters of the sea. Here, history and beauty comes together and offers you a unique experience.

Cleoatra and Sazak Bay can only be visited on our full day tour.

On this tour, where the magic of nature and the texture of history are intertwined, you will add unforgettable memories to your memories. we can't wait to add.
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